I am in Bangkok, Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland and Melbourne this week. 8005 miles (12 808 km) to be flown with four airlines: Air New Zealand, British Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Trivia: I will fly my 820th flight of my life!   I will also have my 40th Air New Zealand flight!

Where are you this week? Hope its a great one!

  • Ashley Barratt said,

    Wow! You get around! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday?

  • Stephan said,

    Well, um…nice cities but…Palmerston North??? Been there and its quaint…has a nice University and modest rugby squad and lots of windy landings! Not what I’d call a destination though;-)

  • Martin J Cowling said,

    I love windy landings. A boy has got to work!

  • Loeffle said,

    Home sweet home, but in 13 days first flight this year.
    FRA – OSL with LH, nothing special ;)

  • Martin J Cowling said,

    hey safe tripping

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