Eating Street Food

One of the guys at work said to me today: “you don’t eat street food do you?:

I nodded enthusiastically but I said “I have some rules“.

I have eaten soup surrounded by rubbish and dogs in Cambodia, squatted with locals in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, shared falafels in Jordan* and snaffled pork rolls in Portland, Oregon. For a couple of dollars I have eaten like a king in cities across the globe!

My tips:

  1. I take time to adjust to the local cuisine
  2. Drinking the local beer or eating local yoghurts seem to cushion my stomach
  3. Don’t jump straight into eating spicy food – this is about enjoying food not showing off how tough I am and then triggering an upset stomach
  4. Some countries rate their food stalls.. I go for the higher rated ones where this occurs
  5. I never eat sushi, dairy or chicken at a street stall – these are all danger foods
  6. The more popular a place, the more likely I will go there

    Photo 2013-12-28 17 34 39

    These were a yummy crispy style omelette cooked in front of us in HoChi Minh City

  7. I like to see food  being prepared and served quickly- it reduces the chances that the food had had flies land on it and/or got to the temperature danger zones
  8. If plates, pots or surfaces are dirty, I question whether to eat there
  9. I am very careful about fresh fruit- what has it been washed in? what was the knife like that was used to cut it?
  10. In some countries, I carry my own chopsticks and eating utensils IMG_0449
  11. I have towelettes to wash my hands before eating
  12. I relax and enjoy the food, ambience and prices!


(* by the way last Thursday was World Falafel Day!)

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