Hack that Trip – keeping fit on Business Travel

I was sitting next to a man who was travelling 13 hours by plane for a two-hour meeting and then back again- in the same week!

We talked about the loneliness and hectic craziness that results from such a rough schedule. He admitted to eating most of his meals in his hotel room. We reflected on how many business people put on weight and feel unhealthy.

Some thoughts on hacking our trips:

  • Be clear on our travel goals- why are you travelling to your destination?
  • Evaluate whether you are meeting those goals – was the trip really worth the time and money cost?
  • Be sensible -build in downtime or recovery time into your travel
  • Have a buddy you are accountable each week- mine finds out if I have exercised each week, what my weight is and if I have eaten chips!
  • Track  food intake – I use My Fitness Pal
  • Look around and see something of the place that is being travelled through

    This was behind my hotel in Helsinki

  • Eat locally instead of in your hotel- walk to a nearby restaurant
  • Build in exercise by walking from conference venue or office to hotel instead of a taxi
  • Set aside time or a quick gym work out or a swim in the morning or after your meeting. I look for fun runs which force me to simultaneously exercise and experience some of the local colour

Any other thoughts?


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