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Preventing a Pickpocket Ruining Your Trip

Pickpockets have been around since the dawn of money. A skilled pickpocketer can have relieved their victim of money, watch, passport, identification and credit cards and have moved on,  before that person has noticed anyone is close to them. Pickpockets have a large variety of ways of operating and are always coming up with new schemes, so it’s almost impossible to totally protect yourself. There are some things that can reduce your risk Assume you may be next. Many people travel thinking they will be exempt from losing stuff but experiments have shown that we…

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Protect yourself: Robbers tell how they snatch

A new video produced by Thong Lor police in Thailand graphically illustrates how easy it is for thieves to snatch phones, bags and valuables. It is useful viewing for tourists irrespective of where your destination is. Based on confessions by real suspects with advice from the police, the video explains how you can reduce the chances of being a victim. It is well worth the first two minutes 22 seconds which are subtitled in English, of the three and a half minute video. There are three things that make a crime possible, according to Thai Police:…

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The disturbing image from the American Airlines Evac

Thanks to the proliferation of cameras, airline emergencies are increasingly being filmed by escaping passengers. Last week, an American Airlines Boeing 767 bound for Miami caught fire on the runway of Chicago’s O’Hare airport while taking off. The pilot aborted the take-off and evacuated everyone on board via emergency chutes as black smoke poured from the aeroplane. Twenty people suffered minor injuries. There is video of the situation inside the cabin: The thing that astounds me is how many passengers are carrying bags off the plane. You can see women with handbags, men with laptops.…

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Qatar’s A350 Aborted takeoff-lets not exaggerate

Disaster? MegaFail? Embarrassment? Last week, Qatar Airway’s inaugural flight from New York’s JFK to Qatar had an aborted take off 18 seconds into acceleration. The jet’s computer system canceled it’s own takeoff — because it calculated that runway 22R was too short. Journalists and staff onboard the plane were filming the take off and watching it on their individual screens when the craft came to a juddering halt. Pillows from economy reportedly flew through the cabin. The Points Guy Editor-in-Chief Zach Honig reported that he and others were terrified. He and other passengers wanted to get off the plane…

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Yell No

In 40+ years of travel, I have only had one incident where I felt I could have been mugged. As I changed money at a Paris railway station, I realised I was being observed. Worse, the group of three followed me onto the metro and into my carriage. They then carefully watched me at each station to see when I got off the train. I spontaneously hopped off the train at a busy station just as the doors were closing. They jumped off too and trailed me down the platform to the exit. I turned…

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Nervous Flyers Relax (Travel Tip #11)

When Ansett Australia was flying, their in flight magazine had a section for nervous and new flyers explaining the bangs and noises of a flight. Last week British British Airways is installing an instructional video  on its in-flight entertainment system based on its one-day Flying with Confidence course. The video guides passengers through the operations of an aircraft, including explaining the  technical side of flying including turbulence. The course is run by Captain Allright (that is his real name apparently!) Also included in the video are relaxation techniques from clinical psychologists to help reduce any feelings of panic. A clip…

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