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Spectacular, Stunning Stonehenge

Verdict: My Overall Rating: 95% Global Ranking: Listed seventh amongst Historical Landmarks to See Before You Die (I have seen 32 of the top 50) Why it should be visited: History, Spiritual place Negatives: Traffic, Crowds Would I return?: Yes, in a heartbeat. Bear in mind that there are many other stone circles through which have fewer crowds Location and Orientation Stonehenge is probably one of the most famous stone monuments in the world. It sits on a chalky plain north of the Salisbury, England about 88 miles south-west of London.   Archaeologists and historians believe that the site…

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What to do to prepare for a potential disaster while travelling

After the terrorist events across the world this past week, I think it is prudent to be prepared for a situation where you experience a natural or human emergency.  (This is coming from someone who has lived in two war zones and travelled through multiple other war areas and disasters!) Check travel warnings for natural disaster warnings, violence, political unrest and wars before you travel. It amazes me that I talk to tourists who arrive in a country oblivious that only weeks before there was a coup or hurricane or earthquake!  Check Your Perception: despite the…

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UK to follow USA with laptop ban 

I asked a question this morning,  in relation to the ban on electronic equipment  in cabin on flights from ten cities in eight countries:  “How long before we see a worldwide ban on travelling with laptops?” The BBC have just announced that the UK will ban some electronic devices from the cabin for flights originating in  Egypt, Jordan,  Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey.  Under the new arrangements passengers will not be allowed to take into the cabin mobile phones, laptops, e-readers and tablets which are larger than: length: 16.0cm width: 9.3cm depth: 1.5cm Unlike…

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Where Britain has not invaded

Based on a tip from a reader this week, I found this interesting map. Stuart Laycock, a British Historian has identified that 90% of the world’s countries were at some point invaded by the British in his book:  All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To. Not all were captured and not all became part of the Empire. It makes a fascinating image. The nations in pink were invaded or taken over in some way at some point   Related Posts   Going Metric – A Startling View

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