Police confirm dead teen fell out of plane

The residents of Milton, Mssachusstes reported On November 15, 2010, reported hearing a loud “crashing noise” at around 9pm. The body of a 16 year old Delvonte Tisdale  was found lying in the street at 930pm. The boy was found with massive injuries so a hit and run was suspected. he had no shirt and no shoes
Authorities, however, could not explain how the boy had ended up so far from home and what had been done to him.  The boy had been seen in North Carolina where he lived, at 130am that day. He had been missing since 5am. 
It is now believed that the boy walked onto the tarmac at Charlotte/Douglas Airport, hid inside a 737 which took off at around 7pm and fell out of the plane as it lowered its wheels on its descent inbto Logan airport. The flightpath goes over Milton.
Interestingly, Tisdale was a member of the Air Force ROTC program at North Mecklenburg High School near Charlotte.
 Evidence for this argument includes:
  •  a handprint in the wheel wel of the plane 
  • Sneakers and a red shirt that matched the family’s description of what the teen was last seen wearing were found in Milton along the flight path
  • the autopsy report indicatied the teen fell “from a significant height.” He had no gun wounds
His father, said his son was happy but his brother was unhappy in North Carolina and had never wanted to leave Baltimore, where he had lived earlier.

Here is the video from a press conferece about the boy.

This is a sad story with obvious implications for airport security. RIP Delvonte.

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