Thank you to those who brought their brain with them today

For some reason, a number of other passengers irritated me yesterday! I want to affirm those who didn’t annoy others yesterday.

So a big thank you to all those passengers who
  1. Bring Manners- yes travelling can be stressful but its your choice. Glad you were not obnoxious to your waiter/check in assistant/husband/daughter/son/stranger
  2. Are Prepared– You realise that  Passport queue means you need your passport! At the Check in counter, you have some sort of ID and you know which airline you are traveling on
  3. Give yourself time-avoiding the stress of missing a plane or train by leaving early and allowing more than 2 minutes to change trains
  4. Watch whats going on-so you know what’s coming when you get to the head of the line. I realised how insulated people are, when immigration people came up to the guy in front of me in the Los Angeles line. They asked to look at his passport and visa. After 2-3 minutes of questioning and discussion, two men came and removed the man from the line and escorted him to a little room. When it was all over, I turned and commented to the two people behind me-who had not seen a thing! They noticed the guy had gone but had not seen it happen!
  5. Are friendly – If i am sitting next to you and we say “hi”, that’s great.  If you are travelling, you can meet people!
  6. Don’t become too familiar in the first 20 minutes of a flightits great you respect my space and privacy. I can find out about your messy divorce another time and you can ask me how much I earn and how big my house is when we know each other a bit better
  7. Are ready for airport security – you know that “no liquids” means you definitely can’t bring 3 bottles of family size shampoo on the plane and as for that champagne….?
  8. Don’t automatically recline your seats- there isn’t much room for people with long legs and your respect of that is really appreciated
  9. Accept your luggage limits- yes you got away with three suitcases last time but that’s not always going to happen. If you are over the limit, yelling about it is not going to help
  10. Say thank you- nothing else needed to be said here
Happy Travelling!


  1. Spot on Martin. People who get to the head of the queue and then start fossicking for their documents drive me crazy!!!!Mind you – travel agents sometimes have a bit to answer for as well. Relos of mine who had not travelled out of UK since "the towers" were not informed of any of the current travel restrictions by their travel agent and their passport could have told the agent that they had not travelled OS in long time. Lost a lot of their liquids and not happy Jan!By the way – do you prefer frisking or X-ray?Lynne

  2. Hoping your friends liquids did not include champagne. As a speaking present I was given a nice bottle of red wine which i forgot about until I got the airport. I gave it to the check in clerk as a holiday gift!Not decided yet the frisking or the xraying.all of my mums advice about clean underwear when you travel comes back to me! Also, Joe Orton always said to choose the most attractive customs agent in case of an emergency!

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