Back to the 80s with Air NZ’s newest safety video

Same words…very different costumes…in the last Air New Zealand air safety video, the crew were nude- in this one, they go”funky”.  Led by flamboyant American fitness personality Richard Simmons, the briefing introduces all of the usual safety features on a plane (ie no smoking, fasten seatbelts, brace positions, life jacket, luggage etc) as a series of “exercises” to be completed before flying. The instructions are delivered with lots of crazy costumes, boppy music and humourous gags.

The video available for viewing here. What do you think of it? Some thoughts from me:

I noticed a couple of the crew from the previous “nude” video bopping along in this one. Great to see they are still involved. Didnt spot Air NZ CEO this time. Anyone else see him?

My favourite line in the video is when notorious TV broadcaster Paul Henry is told to “stop broadcasting“. Watch and listen to his response. I started laughing!  Then see what happens next and what he does. Kiwis will get this immediately but non NZers may not understand the references.

I also wondered will I get sick of it if I see it multiple times a month.

And what will a macho NZ sheep farmer think of his national airline’s campiness?

Will the crew bop along to the video? I hope so…..I do look forward to my next Air NZ flight to find out!

For the making of the video check out here.


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