Tribute to the Plane Crews of September 11

Fragments from N334AA

Our view of the world changed forever on September 11, 2001 when four planes were hijacked by Al-Qaeda sponsored terrorists. 2976 victims and 19 hijackers died when all four of the planes crashed- two into the the twin towers of the World Trade Center, one into the Pentegon and one into a Pennsylvanian field.  All airspace was closed and all non-emergency civilian aircraft in the USA grounded immediately with five hundred international flights turned back.

I want to pay tribute to the flight crews, cabin crews and passengers on the four hijacked flights.

American Airlines flight 11 Boston Logan to LAX
Boeing 767-223ER    Registration number N334AA
Took off 0759am Hijacked 0814am, crashed into North Tower of World Trade Center 0846am
Fatalities: Innocent Passengers 76  Hijackers 5  Crew 11  Ground: 1,600

United Airlines Flight 175 Boston Logan to LAX
Boeing 767-222    Registration number N612UA
Took off 0814am Hijacked 0842am-0846, crashed into South Tower of World Trade Center 0903am
Fatalities: Innocent Passengers 76  Hijackers 5  Crew 11  Ground: 900

American Airlines Flight 77

Boeing 757-223  Registration number N644AA

Took off 0814am Hijacked 0842am-0846, crashed into western side of the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia 0903am
Fatalities: Innocent Passengers 53 Hijackers 5  Crew 6  Ground: 125

United Airlines Flight 93 Newark International Airport to SFO
Boeing 757–222  Registration number N591UA
Took off 0842am Hijacked 0928 crashed into Stonycreek Township 1006-1010am
Fatalities: Innocent Passengers 33  Hijackers 4  Crew 7  Ground: 0

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