Bangkok Airport- Are people this stupid?

Continuing with my Thailand theme,  I found the new program Bangkok Airport to be both compelling and repelling! Here is the trailer:

A BBC TV series, this show seems to find the dumbest people who have ever travelled and matched them with the most horrifically funny airport staff. I could not work out whether to cringe, laugh or cry. Sadly, having been through Bangkok airport 37 times, some of the passengers exhibit behaviours I fear I have seen!\

This is the second reality TV show which is focussing on Thailand. The other was Embassy which focussed on Australians in trouble!

Check out this episode of Bangkok Airport and see what you think:

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  1. I’ve seen several episodes of this show and I have a feeling that it is somewhat fake. They are creating some fake situations and mixing them in with real stuff. I’m sure many things they show are real but they mix in some silly stuff that is over the top to add excitement.

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