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12 tips to Stay Safe while eating Street Food

One of the guys at work said to me today: “you don’t eat street food do you?: I nodded enthusiastically as I have eaten soup surrounded by rubbish and dogs in Cambodia, squatted with locals in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, shared falafels in Jordan and snaffled pork rolls in Portland, Oregon. For a couple of dollars I have eaten like a king in cities across the globe! But “I have some rules”…. I take time to adjust to the local cuisine. My mistake is getting off the plane and grabbing something immediately!…

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Greener Travel Tips

There are fairly simple things ways we can help reduce carbon emissions, pollution and degradation: 1.¬† Select a destination with good rankings in terms of environmental protection. The online site Ethical Travel rates countries based on an environmental performance, social welfare and human rights The ten best ethical destinations for 2013 ( in alphabetical order ): Barbados Cape Verde -striving¬†to reach 300% renewable energy- moving away from fossil fuels Costa Rica -signed a ban on shark finning Ghana- announced new taxes to establish appropriate prices for natural and environmental capital to provide incentives for reducing…

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