Two Years of Travel Tips

One of the things I most enjoy doing is sharing my travel tips for better,  less stressful travel. Over the last two years I have shared about fifty tips for better travel. Feedback has been universally  positive. Thank you

Here is the list of my travel tips for the last two years. I have grouped them into seven categories: Planning, Booking Travel, Accommodation, Trip Preparation, Packing, Travel Problems and En Route.

1. Planning

Stop Wishing and Do it- Life’s Bucket List

20 Top Travel Tools

Medical Tourism

How far is it from? Great Tools


2. Booking Travel

Be Date Flexible

What the H*ll is this Code Sharing? 

Main Airline Fees

Splitting Rail Journeys- Saving Money


3. Accommodation Options

Travel Tip: Mystery Rooms

Travel Tip #16: Priceline

Travel Tip #15 Wimdu and AirBnB

Travel tip 14: Don’t Overlook Youth Hostel Stays!


4. Trip Preparation

Terrific Tripit

   Take Travel Insurance 

Back up Your Documents 


5. Packing

Travel Tip  Don’t Check in baggage

Travel Tip:  Take No Toiletries

How many Shoes do you travel with?


6. Travel Problems

 Don’t Stress

 Treat People with Respect

Nervous Flyers Relax 

Credit Card Compatibility Fails

Travel Tip #12: Charge Constantly


7. En Route

Travel Tip #Walk



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