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Reducing Lost Luggage Problems

I have had a few bags lost in my travels. There are some things one can do to minimise them. Don’t check in luggage -I do all I can to reduce my total luggage to one carry-on and a small extra bag Choose an airline that has a better record with bags than the others. Do not put anything important in your checked luggage. This includes medicines, ID documents, cash, credit cards, laptops, ipad or jewellry Put your name, email and phone number on a piece of A4 or A3 paper inside your bag and…

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Know anything about Lyft

Has anyone used Lyft? Lyft is a smartphone app that seems to match drivers with people looking for rides in several key cities across the USA. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges payment from the passenger’s saved credit card. Lyft also provide drivers with additional excess insurance, including a $1M liability insurance. The company says: “Passengers and drivers rate each other. If you rate someone 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched with them again.” I am curious to know if it works. I also could not see pricing on the website. Any information or…

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Get your Rent a Car Costs down

I was talking to a friend yesterday who paid more to rent a car for three days than I would pay for a week! When I asked him why he had spent so much money, he told me he booked it from the airport counter and he always rented from the same rental company. I have written in detail about car rentals but some tips for saving money: Book in advance Use a comparison website eg Priceline, Vroomvroomvroom or‎ Ditch loyalty – other companies have the same cars so I have joined more than one…

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Two Years of Travel Tips

One of the things I most enjoy doing is sharing my travel tips for better,  less stressful travel. Over the last two years I have shared about fifty tips for better travel. Feedback has been universally  positive. Thank you Here is the list of my travel tips for the last two years. I have grouped them into seven categories: Planning, Booking Travel, Accommodation, Trip Preparation, Packing, Travel Problems and En Route. 1. Planning Stop Wishing and Do it- Life’s Bucket List 20 Top Travel Tools Medical Tourism How far is it from? Great Tools   2. Booking Travel Be Date Flexible…

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