Forgetting stuff

I have lost a small amount of stuff over the last 49 years of travel. Some tips:

  • Take less stuff
  • Avoid traveling with valuables
  • Label stuff
  • Place your shoes on top of or right next to your hotel safe. This will make you think twuce before leaving stuff in the safe
  • Every time you use your phone or laptop charger put them back in your bag after use
  • Avoid using hotel cupboards and drawers
  • Avoid spreading your stuff around your hotel room-I keep most things in my bag
  • Don’t use the car or aeroplane or train seat pocket
  • If you take off your glasses or scarf or gloves or have keys, put them straight into a bag
  • In a group, allocate the same bag and gear to the same person for the whole trip and have one other person to check that person


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  1. I always “triple” check the hotel room before leaving for check out. I scan every spot in the room and bathroom at least three times. Last trip I left my sleeping mask between the sheets in the bed. I didn’t check there. Next time I’ll use your suggestion and keep it all in the bag. Thanks!

  2. all good tips. every thing should be in a place thst you regulalry use and csn check when you leave. Do the shoes – safe trick too.

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