Five Fun Safety Briefings

Today, I have chosen what i believe are the five most fun safety briefings in the sky. See what you think (below).

First: a few comments about on board safety.   I have flown 683 times. In that time, while I have had five scarey flights*, i have never been in an emergency. Air Travel is indeed a very safe way to travel. However, the time I am in an emergency, I want and need to know how to get off that plane alive-fast. So, it amazes me how many people sleep, chat or read through the safety video. Hence why airlines are resorting to fun ways to engage with passengers.

Five reasons why people ignore safety videos

  1. Some people  have flown so often they think they know it all. Yet research suggests that in an emergency, even frequent flyer’s become confused and/or freeze. You really need to listen and pay attention for every flight
  2. Some do not believe an accident can happen to them
  3. Some are so scared of flying that they want to avoid any possibility of something going wrong so they even avoid the safety briefing
  4. Some people are so excited that they are oblivious to whats going on
  5. Some people are just not aware that there are still risks because we have all become accustomed to saying how safe it is to fly

WATCH Your Next Safety Briefing

  1. Watch and listen to the safety briefing – you may be grateful one day
  2. Ask others to be quiet for it (I was once on an Ansett flight where the FA asked two passengers to shut up). Although I was not sure of it was appropriate to ask the United crew to shut up when they talked loudly through the demo on a recent flight
  3. Totally concentrate on that briefing (i have found myself sometimes drifting off to another world  and had to come back to earth)
  4. Count the seats to two different exits….do not assume if you are seated at one, that you will be able to get out that way
  5. Hunt for your life jacket during the briefing. If you are needing to find it in a smoke filled cabin emergency, its good to know where it is.  I know there are people who remove life jackets off planes as a prank. This is an offense under most jurisdictions and bloody stupid
Five Best Safety Videos…believe me you will enjoy them! Then please vote for your favourite!
Check videos below or at the People First YouTube Channel here and vote here
  1. Air New Zealand: Essentials of Safety-Fun and Quirky
  2. Cebu Pacific Male Dancing Team   -fun and sexy and Female Dancing Team -fun and sexy
  3. Southwest Rapping FA-very Southwest Airlines
  4. Thompson Airways- Alice and Co- so cute!
  5. Virgin America-Cartoon-great visual and auditory gags 
Which one do you like the best… please vote here!

*what I defined as scarey!


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