2011 “Bucket List”

With one month to go until 2011, I am in full swing of planning the year. I am not sure you can have a bucket list for a year or whether it is part of a list!! What do you think? I have a very exciting and busy travel schedule for work. I am trying to add some equally exciting travel adventures!!

New Countries
My Goal is to have gone to my fiftieth country by my birthday in July (I am NOT 50 on this Birthday). At this stage, one of  the four I will be going to is Jordan. This will include Petra (boy am I excited) Anyone want to join me? Another will be Turkey.

In the second half of 2011, I hope to get to China (love to do the Red Cross Great Wall Trek). I hope to finally get to South America in late 2011: Colombia, Argentina,

New US States
My goal has been all 50 states by my birthday in July 2011. I will land in Alaska on my Birthday which I am excited about! Hoping to get to Nebraska and Iowa in April and North Dakota in May! The week after my birthday will include an Alaska cruise!

New Zealand Trek
I try to do a NZ walk each year. Hoping 2011 will be the Abel Tasman walk, a stunning 54km (33 mile) hike at the top of the South Island. Any advice welcomed!

I first went to Fiji in 1965 (as a baby). I went back in 1988, 23 years after my first visit.  Next year 2011 will be a further 23 years since my last visit. Shall i try and go back?

Family Adventures
The plan is to take my eldest nephews to Legoland California– not sure who is more excited! (I would also like to go to Harry Potter world with them too…we shall see). I have an “uncle” (he is really an older cousin) in England I want to see and somehow I need time to catch up with my Aunt and Uncle in Australia plus a few nephews and nieces birthdays!

I would like to travel on two amazing Australian Train journeys: The Gulflander and Savannahlander. These are two of the most remote and unusual train trips in the world. Also, I would like to fly to New Zealand’s most remote outpost: the Chatham Islands. If I get the money and time while paying my house off in Australia!

Thats my 2011. What are your travel adventures looking like?


  1. I think Gulflander may be delayed as a result of the terrible floods in the region

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