How far is it from? Great Tools

Ever need to find out the travel distance between two cities?

Sometimes you just need to know or you want to work out points earnt for frequent flying.

The tool pictured right Travel Math will tell you travel distance, flight times as well as driving distance and driving time. It will also tell you the closest airport. Calculations are in miles, kilometres and nautical miles.

NB there is also an online booking form on the same page. Be careful you may actually start booking a flight instead of finding the distance!

My other favorite distance finding tool is The Great Circle Mapper  which displays splays maps and computes distances along a geodesic path.

Below, for example, is my trip which starts March 1, 2011 from Los Angeles to Dallas to Boise, Idaho to Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge to Columbus, Ohio (and back to LA).

Are these any use to you?


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