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Over 10 000 people have now viewed this blog! Thanks everyone. 
The Top Ten Visited posts are:

  1. Three Airlines-one plane- comparing the A380    Sep 30, 2010, 7 comments My fave plane compared across 3 airlines!
  2. First Korean Air A380 peeks out in Toulouse  Feb 5, 2011- seems there are a lot of A380 geeks
  3. Virgin across the Pacific Mar 3, 2011 1 comment – My First V Australia flight from Aust to USA
  4. $198 to Europe or $981.80 to Europe Feb 11, 2011 I hate “dishonesty” in ticket pricing
  5. The Five Peeve Taxi Journey Sept 11, 2010 Taxis can be very annoying!
  6. Delhi Airport Express Feb 26, 2011 Not sure why there is so much interest in the new rail line to Delhi airport?
  7. First flights with Royal Jordanian, Mar 26, 2011 
  8. I did it! My 747th flight- in a 747! May 25, 2011
  9. Martin J’s Top Cities of the World 2010 Jan 4, 2011
  10. Almost had $1200 stolen Oct 25, 2010, 9 comments

I would love more comments though so feel free to participate. If blogger makes it hard for you to make a comment let me know: mj_oz3000@yahoo.com.au and tell me what stopped you! Thank you

Thanks again for reading this far! Do stay travelling with me!



  1. its a great blog Martin. Would be interesting to hear your views on the volcanic ash story. Virgin still flying while Qantas deem it unsafe. Should there be an independent body to decide such matters?

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