Auckland is getting better

I first came to Auckland as an adult in November, 1991 – almost 20 years ago. It was the middle of the 1990s recession and Auckland felt grim. Wellington, Auckland’s rival city  640 km  (398 miles) was also grim but I connected to Wellington with its art and fashion scene, good public transport and walkable sights. Auckland and I never connected.

I have always been someone who has favoured one city over another (hence why I do my city rankings):

  • San Francisco over Los Angeles
  • Melbourne before Sydney
  • Paris and not London
  • Liverpool over Manchester
  • Glasgow before Edinburgh
  • Toronto before Vancouver
  • Koln (Cologne) beats Bonn
Skycity Tower over Auckland skyline

Despite coming to Auckland over 30 times, Wellington continues to dazzle. I have to concede, however, that Auckland is starting to sway me.

With the bulk of Asian immigration impacting Auckland, the range of Asian food and groceries is outstanding. Auckland coffeeshops are taking on their sister city and the arts/theatre scene is becoming more captivating. There is even some fashion scene emerging! Of course Auckland Harbour joins Wellington and Sydney as world leading.

Give me a choice of where I would live, I would still  choose Wellington but I will give Auckland a little more time and attention.

World cup fans will be impressed in September (although why the city could not finish a rail line to the airport is beyond me).

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