British Airways and Ipads –I like it

If you have ever sat near the front of an aeroplane, you would know that when the cabin door is about to close, the crew are handed a long scrolled up piece of paper with all customer details. In the 21st Century!

 It looks so primitive.

BA is testing Ipads with 100 cabin staff with the aim of rolling them out to all senior crew members in the next few months. Loaded on them are timetables, safety manuals and customer service updates. More importantly from a customer service point of view, when the doors are about to close, the cabin crew refresh their Ipads. Immediately they will have a list of all passengers on board, their seating , meals, requests, frequent flyer status and potential issues.

Is there no end to the uses of an Ipad? This use: I love. Wonder when other airlines will try it out?

(I also assume, they will turn off and stow their Ipad for takeoff and landing?)

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