Revisiting my 2011 Goals

I set some goals a year ago. Time to revisit them. A number of my plans were thrown out the window by a family illness.

  • Despite not having my intended trips to Turkey or China, I got to my 53rd country. Jordan, Lebanon, Brazil, Korea, UAE, Brunei, Saudi Arabia were the newest countries I visited.
  • I have four states to go to get to all of the 50th US state
  • I did finally get to South America in 2011:
  • I have yet to do the Abel Tasman walk, a stunning 54km (33 mile) hike at the top of the South Island of New Zealand
  • my nephew trip to Legoland is on hold
My favourite places I visited in 2011 were:
  1. Petra in Jordan– one of the most mesmerizing fascinating places on the planet
  2. Paris, always a joy to return to
  3. The Eden Project in Cornwall
  4. the train ride from Exeter, UK along the English coast
  5. San Francisco, CA

What are your 2012 travel plans? Love to hear


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