Japan- One Year On from Tōhoku Earthquake

Thoughts with the people of Japan, one year after the horrific disasters inflicted on their country: March 11, 2011.

More than 19,000 people died or went missing in the natural disasters, which also destroyed more than 370,000 houses.

The devastating disaster has had an enormous impact on Japan’s inbound tourism. While many areas in Japan remained unaffected by the disaster, they are also suffering from the sudden decrease in international visitors,” Tadatoshi Mamiya, President of the Japan National Tourism Organisation

The number of tourists visiting Japan in 2011 was down by 27.8 percent on 2010 , the biggest annual fall in visitors since Japan’s National Tourist Organization began keeping records. 6.2 million international visitors travelled to Japan in 2o11 compared to  8.6 million foreign tourists in 2010.




  1. Went to Japan last Apr-May. I talked with many people that had family or friends or knew someone from that area. The word I got is most people (as is uaual with Japanese) are getting on with their lives. It was a terrible tradegy and I am still trying to get into contact with some of my friends that I lost contact with about 10 yrs ago, from that area. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this disaster. Not much else that I can say about that. I hope all can get their lives back to some form of normal.

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