Running in Perth

One of the ways I get to know a city, when I am travelling is to run through it. It needs little equipment and no fixed time periods and it is something you can almost do in any weather.

I have just completed today, a stunning 6 mile (10 kilometre) run around Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

Known as the Bridges run, it starts at Langley Park (thats where I am standing in this photo)

The course headed west  along the river on the city side, past the Perth Ferry Terminal with its iconic bell tower.

The run passed the Perth Convention Centre and onto the Narrows Bridge which is the main bridge connecting the south and north of the City.

Once on the Southside, we made our way along the South Perth Esplanade past the South Perth Ferry Terminal. The Swan River is definitely one of the world’s most stunning rivers.

The river was crossed again at the Causeway which deposited us back onto Riverside drive for the last mile (1.6km) to the finish. A more detailed 2012 course map with drink stations and kilometre points is here.

I ran with my friend Clare- Thank you! We paced each other for the first 5.5 Kilometres when I moved slightly ahead. For the next two 2.5 kilometres I kept pace with an Australian gridiron (American Football) player. He moved ahead at the 8th kilometre! I finished the course in under 55 minutes.

I was amused when I arrived to pick up my race tag and number to have the volunteer (I assume) complain to me: “The Race organisers are not very organised”!  Even so, it was  a great day. Thank you to the West Australian Marathon Club for it.

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