Wacky Irritation: Press One now

Called the Virgin Australia frequent flyer contact centre last week

Get the usual guff: Welcome blah blah

“Press 1 for bookings

Press 2 for Frequent flyer

Key in your membership number

Transferring you now”

(Sound of transfer)

“Due to the Australian Public Holiday, our centre is closed”.

Why not tell me before I pressed all those numbers?

I get so peeved with those automated voice systems when:

  1. I end up in a Department that is not the one I selected
  2. I enter my frequent flyer membership number or flight details or credit card and when I finally get a human, I have to repeat everything
  3. you get menu after menu after menu
  4. the voice recognition system cannot recognise my accent (and I actually do speak clearly!) eg United and American systems

The most offensive of course are the Ryanair call centres that charge you a premium per minute rate to get advice or information.




  1. I skip the frustration buy either hitting “pound” or “0” repeatedly when I call a place that has a ridiculous menu and it usually bumps me to a human (marginal one sometimes).

  2. I recently wrote about this myself. I think these phone systems are simply to occupy us whole waiting!

  3. At the first opportunity, press “0” – ZERO. WHen you get a human, hold them until they understand what you want.

  4. As such a frequent traveller surely you should know Ryanair call centres should never, ever be used 🙂

  5. In fact, personally I would go further and say Ryanair should never, ever be used!

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