Dad, look what was in my Teddy Bear

Anyone else seen this whacky situation?

At Rhode Island airport, a TSA officer examining a child’s carry-on bag found pieces of a handgun hidden inside a stuffed teddy bear, a stuffed rabbit, and a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy. The pieces included the frame of a .40-caliber firearm, a magazine with two .40-caliber rounds, a firing pin and a slide. These would form a complete gun when re-assembled.

The child’s father said he was “unaware” that the pieces of the gun had been nestled snugly within the plush bodies of his child’s toys. The father also stated that the gun belonged to the child. Really?


Photo: CNN

The gun was confiscated and the child and his father was allowed to board their flight to Detroit

According to  T.F. Green International Airport police, the gentleman was allowed to continue his trip because police believed the incident “was related to an ongoing domestic dispute.”   And that makes it okay?


Law enforcement officials were continuing investigations.



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