This Week: 28 May

I have not been inside a plane for three weeks! Consider,  I have flown 45 times so far in 2012- an average of 10 flights per month. In 2012, I  have covered 134 334km  – three and a third times around the earth! 14 airlines flown to 11 countries! One week of this year has been spent inside planes!





In contrast, for the last 21 days,  I have had no check ins, no lounges, no safety briefings and no plane food!  This has been almost a shock!

This will change with an intensive June schedule. I will ease into it, this week, with a short hop with Virgin Australia from Melbourne, Australia to a new airport for me: Newcastle, Australia. The airport is the 12th busiest in Australia and handles ten times the number of passengers as it did ten years ago! The biggest disadvantage of the airport is that I don’t feel it is plugged into good ground transportation. It would be good to have really good train and bus links to the region up there.

I will then go down to Sydney for some filming, before flying home to Melbourne, Australia. Have a good week.




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