Dude, Stop standing in my Plane

He was 6’4 and sitting in the cramped row in front of me in the middle seat on an American Airlines flight. After the drink and “meal” service,  he stood up and moved to the centre of the plane. There he stood in the aisle reading a paperback book. After 45 minutes, the person in the aisle seat next to where he was standing told him loudly: “you are creeping me out. Please go back to your seat.”

The man moved forward one row of seats but continued to stand in the aisle reading his book until just before landing. Flight crew did not ask him to move.

Acceptable or non acceptable behaviour?



  1. It is odd, but wouldn’t have a problem with it. The guy obviously doesn’t fit in the seat, and AA yells if you hang out in the back of the aircraft. I would have probably asked the FA first if there was a “good place” to do it, but this is not the oddest thing I (or you probably) have seen on a plane 😉

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