2012 Airline Bankruptcies

A cheerful topic! The one commonality the airline industry has, is that no brand is impervious. Unlike brands in other industries: Ford (USA), Cadbury (UK) and Waitrose (UK), airlines seem to come and go. The airlines lost so far in 2012 are listed below. Where I have blogged about the collapse, you will see my link.

  1. 2oth January: Cirrus (Germany)
  2. 27th January: Spanair (Spain)
  3. 30th January: US3000 (USA)
  4. 9th February: Malev (Hungary) – Check out my three blog posts about them: The Collapse
  5. 17th February : Air Australia (Australia)
  6. 26th February: Norfolk Air (Australia)
  7. 27th February: Velvet Sky (South Africa)
  8. 1st March: Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)
  9. 10th March: Direct Air (USA)
  10. 16th March: Red Jet (Barbados)
  11. 30th March: GMG (Bangladesh)
  12. 3rd May: Cimber Sterling (Denmark)#
  13. 22nd May: City Airline (Denmark)#
  14. 22nd May: Skyways (Denmark)#
  15. 25th May: Mint Air (Spain)
#Cimber Sterling, Skyways and City were all linked.

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