Travel Tip #4 Treat People with Respect

I had flown in six hours late and found my four star hotel had given my room away. In return, however, they had upgraded me to a five star hotel next door and added a couple of extras.  Grateful for having a bed for the night, I thanked the agent. She said “you are not going to yell at me?”

“No”, I replied. “you sorted out the problem and I have a better deal. Why should I yell at you?”

She said “The last three guys yelled at me”

After apologising on their behalf, I wheeled my suitcase the 150 metres to the hotel next door. As the doors opened, the check in agent called out ” Mr Cowling? I got a call to say you are on your way and to look after you because you are nice“.

I got upgraded to a suite for the price of a very discounted four star room.

I cannot guarantee an upgrade but I have got bumped onto flights while those around me who are yelling have been told there are no seats, got upgrades, free toiletry kits, drinks and lower blood pressure.

Doesn’t hurt to treat the gate agent, customer service rep, call centre worker or flight attendant with a little respect






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