ANA Passengers love 787

ANA has surveyed 780 of of its passengers who have flown the 787 between Tokyo, Japan and Frankfurt, Germany. A massive 98 percent said they wanted another chance to fly the Dreamliner, no matter which airline it belonged to. One quarter  stated they would  go out of their way to board the new aircraft again. Now I am really jealous!

Other key findings:

  • Cabin lighting exceeded expectations for 90 per cent of passengers
  • 90 per cent said air quality and cabin pressure met or exceeded their expectations
  • 80 per cent said the amount of personal space met or exceeded expectations
  • half of all passengers said lavatories  exceeded expectations
  • Smoothness of the flight was as good as or better than expected for 87 per cent of passengers
  • Four in ten passengers felt that headroom was better than expected
  • Almost four in ten felt the large windows (20% larger than other aircraft) exceeded their expectations.  For Frequent fliers, this rose to 54 per cent

One other interesting fact was 12 per cent of passengers had never heard of the plane before boarding.

The survey results are here. It looks like Boeing have a winner!


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