Boeing Pips Airbus Orders this week.

At the Farnborough Air show this week: Boeing announced they took orders for 396 aeroplanes with a value of approximately 37 billion dollars US.
Airbus bagged less then a third of that with 115 planes ordered valued at 17 billion dollars US.  To be fair, 150 of the Boeing planes ordered are from one airline: United. Taking that order out, Boeing at 246 still got orders for more than double the number of planes of its European rival. The  737Max has been selling well with  firm MAX of  649 jets.  Boeing stated that  the MAX has commitments for more than 1,200 jets when non binding orders are included.
It reverses the situation at the 2011 Paris Show when Airbus sold $72 billion worth of planes, almost $50 billion more than Boeing.

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