ANA adds EVEN MORE 787s

ANA (All Nippon Airways) is purchasing  eleven more Boeing 787-9 aircraft valued at $USD3.3 billion) for delivery between 2018 and  2021, the carrier said in a statement. ANA  plans to switch its Narita to Seattle service to 787 aircraft from 1st October and between Tokyo and Beijing from 28th October.   Tokyo Narita to San Jose, California will follow in January 2013.

When added with existing orders, these purchases bring ANA’s Dreamliner fleet to 36 B787-8s and 30 B787-9s.

The 787-8 is the base model of the 787 family: 57 metres long (186 feet),  a wingspan of 60 m (197 feet ) and a range of 14,200 to 15,200 km (7,650 to 8,200 nautical miles) depending on seating configuration. The 787-9 differs from the 787-8 is longer,  a higher fuel capacity, a higher maximum take-off weight and longer range.

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