Time for Thai’s A380

Thai Airways held a pre-launch reception to showcase its first Airbus A380-800 aircraft on August 29 including the new colour scheme. I think the THAI colours on the A380 look brilliant! According to the airline: “Thai’s symbol is an abstract image suggesting movement, inspired by the crown flower used in Thai handicraft work and Thai garlands used in traditional ceremonies such as weddings and auspicious events. Colors used are purple, magenta and gold representing, respectively, a Thai orchid, shimmering Thai silk and the brilliance of a Thai temple.”

THAI are due to receive six of the A380s with the first to be delivered on September 27, 2012. The second will be delivered mid December with the third and fourth shortly after. Two more aircraft will be accepted in 2013. They are the ninth carrier to fly this majestic plane after Singapore (2007), Emirates and Qantas (2008), Air France (2009), Lufthansa (2010), Korean and China Southern (2011) and Malaysian (2012).

THAI’s first  A380 will operate flights to and from Bangkok-Hong Kong and Bangkok-Singapore starting October 6, 2012. After delivery of their second A380, THAI will operate to and from Bangkok-Frankfurt and Bangkok-Hong Kong.In January 2013, THAI will start operating their A380s to and from Bangkok-Narita followed by Bangkok-Paris in February 2013.

THAI is installing 507 seats in three classes. The cabin layout diagram comes from Seat Plans.com

Royal First Class which is on the upper deck at the front has 12 seats that recline 180 degrees, with an  83″ pitch, and a seat width of 26.5″. The seats are a “semi private design” and have a 23″ personal entertainment screen. Passengers have individual coat storage, a Royal First Class Bar, spacious lavatory with dressing room, and a Royal First Lounge that serves as a “multipurpose area”

Royal Silk Class (Business Class) has 60 seats also on the Upper Deck that recline 180 degrees, with a 74″ pitch and a width of 20″. THAI are opting for the staggered seat configuration. Each seat has a 15 inch personal entertainment screen. Passengers will have access to the Royal Silk Bar. More personal storage area is provided, along with internet connection, Wi-Fi, enables mobile phone use on board, and electronic plug-in.

Economy Class has 435 seats.  58 of the seats are at the rear of the upper deck and arranged 2/4/2. The other  377 seats are on the lower deck and arranged 3/4/3. Seats have a 32″ pitch, and 18″  seat width. Entertainment screen is 10.6″

All classes will have the latest Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) ex2 system  with 100 movies, 150 television programs, 500 CD albums, and 60 games. Inflight connectivity will allow  passengers to use mobile phones on board for a roaming fee . SMS and MMS messages will be able to be sent and received through GPRS or a Wi-Fi connection. Passengers will have internet access.

THAI is a member of the Star Alliance. Skytrax gives them a 4 star rating. From my experiences with them I give them 5 out of 5

I now have some catching up to do. I have not flown China Southern or Malaysian’s A380s yet!

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