Double Turkish Delight

Apologies for publishing both the final version and an initial draft almost simultaneously of my Report on my Turkish Airlines experience from Washington to Budapest via Istanbul. The draft was clearly not meant to be published. Ironically, I was on a plane when they went live. As one reader noted, I must have inserted the wrong disc in my amenity pack!  I recommend the correct version. It is much more tasty!  Thank you to those who noted the mistake.


  1. “They spoek Emnglihs and Tirkish to passnegres which is apporptraite on a US to Turkey flight but I was urprised at teh alck of Hunagrian”

    I see you also had the Rosetta Stone “learn Turkish” disc in your “amneuty” pack.

  2. Oops! It was spell checked but the draft also got published. Scroll down for it. It was published first.

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