Disconnected Star Alliance Points

I have flown Turkish Airlines six times in the past  six weeks. They are a member of the  Star Alliance (along with United, US Air, Singapore, Lufthansa and others).  The Alliance  slogan is: “The Way the Earth connects”.

Upon booking, I called Turkish Airlines, and asked them  to enter my United number into the Turkish Reservations system attached to my flight bookings. When checking in online, I found my number was absent from the system,  so I re0entered it. At the airport, check in counter, I found (again) my United  number was absent from my booking. When I got my boarding card, my number was not shown on it.

On my fifth Turkish Airlines flight (Budapest to Istanbul), the check in agent advised me that “as United was a One World carrier, I could not earn points. I advised her that United was in fact Star Alliance like Turkish. (I did not tell her that United was in fact a founding member of Star Alliance). Armed with that information, the clerk checked the computer system and expressed her surprise at finding the United Airlines code was indeed in the Turkish reservations system.

So it is no surprise to me that  my Turkish flights have not shown  up on United Mileage Plus statements.

Never mind. United Airlines have a feature on their website that allows you to claim credit for flights flown. You can only claim for flights taken more than 15 days before. Four of my six flights met that criteria. To claim, a name, address, United Mileage pass number,  ticket number, booking class, and seat and more has to be entered into the online forms. I completed all of the details – twice -on two different days.  After pressing “enter”, a message appeared  on the screen: ” The system is currently unavailable, please try later.” Twice- on two different days.

Any  suggestions as to how I fix this?

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  1. had the same experience with turkish airlines, they spent a good 15 minutes trying to enter my FF number into the system. but alas, it was showed up and the points never posted. following it up now with SAS

  2. This is not that uncommon. I lived in Asia for quite some time and collected Aeroplan miles. Even when my Aeroplan number would show up on the boarding passes of Thai or Singapore flights, they often would not be creditted. I simply kept all my boarding passes, luggage tags, etc and, once a quarter, would send by regular mail all the outstanding flight legs to the Aeroplan service centre. Sometimes the old fashioned ways of communication are the most effective.

  3. Tried several days to request credit for an Air New Zealand flight using the system and always got the error message. Ended up sending an email to MP with the same information requested in the form.

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