The T shirt that stopped a plane (almost)

The 1987 Film: The Princess Bride is considered to be one of the funniest films ever made. It is number 50 on Bravo’s “100 Funniest Movies,” and 46th on Channel 4’s Fifty Greatest Comedy Films list.

It is regarded as a cult film by millions around the world who have seen it multiple times.

The film contains many memorable lines. One of which is oft repeated:  “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”. This phrase has been nominated by the AFI as one of the world’s most memorable movie quotes ever

No one gave that information to passengers and crew aboard a Qantas flight from Sydney to Auckland. Passenger Wayne Mullins was asked to remove his shirt which had the above slogan om it because cabin crew member said: “Are you able to remove it because some of the passengers are quite intimidated by it?”

A Qantas spokesperson told Fairfax media: “Qantas does have dress standards for passengers travelling on our aircraft … particularly for slogans which other passengers may find offensive or threatening,”

For those who have seen the film this seems: inconceivable

Mullins and T-shirt Photo: Fairfax New Zealand




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  1. Good thing he wasn’t wearing a shirt with Connor MacLeod taking out the Kurgan proclaiming “there can be only one!”

  2. That tahirt shouldnt be worn on a flight where ppl are too scared of terrorists or crazies out there.
    What if theres a popular line from a foreign movie that says “imma blow up yo ass!” And you had no clue what it was about. Would you feel comfortable in the same plane with that person?

  3. ignorance down under.. freedom of speech isnt allowed on qantas….guess it should have been…”thats not a knife… now this, is a knife!!”

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