787 to fly from May 31

United Airlines has scheduled a 787 flight from Houston to Denver on May 31. Seats are available for sale. It is planning to resume international 787 flights on June 10, from Denver to Tokyo.

United stated they will make more schedule changes when they know that the plane has been cleared to fly.

Over at Qatar Airways, their CEO announced their 787 fleet will be flying before May 31 with the Wall Street Journal claiming that Qatar is planning to have four of their five 787s in service by April 30.

ANA (All Nippon) CEO Shinichiro Ito told reporters he anticipates their 787s to be flying from June. As the 787 launch customer and owner of the biggest fleet of the planes, they will undoubtedly be the first to have their planes fixed with the improved battery safety system.

Air India plans to have their fleet in the air in May.

All of this is reliant on the US FAA and other air safety bodies clearing the plane to fly. Then each Of the 50 planes currently grounded will need to have the battery fix installed-a process that will probably take two days for each one.

After Boeing has applied the fix, then the airline can commence delivering the backlog of undelivered jets (currently 31).

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  1. […] As previously noted, United has already included the 787 in its schedule. On June 10th, the twice delayed Denver to Tokyo service will finally start along with Houston to London. On August 1st, the Los Angeles to Tokyo and the long awaited Houston-Lagos will start. This will be followed by Los Angeles to Shanghai on August 2nd. […]

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