Saving money and finding my way with “For Less” Guides

When travelling, I like to collect as many discount coupons or deals as I can. I like getting my two for one deal and 20 percent off. As long as they are genuine discounts, I am happy! I don’t think I am alone?!

The For Less Guides gather discounts for restaurants, tours and attractions onto one free Iphone or Ipad app for Amsterdam, London, New York and San Francisco (and soon Paris). There are claims that American users save on average 50 Euros per day in Amsterdam. As usual with any discount scheme, some of the discounts are more useful than others.

The For Less Guides started in 1994 as a hard copy book. The migration to an app works really well. The user simply has to show the app when they are paying. There is no need to pre purchase anything.

In addition, the For Less guides bundle the discounts with a very handy city map with public transit directions and street navigation.

Best of all, the app works off-line. The app is free.


Update: The app is now being charged for which is less appealing to me.


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