Thailand 40+women’s Comp. – would you enter?

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) are running a new marketing campaign called the Fabulous 40+ Photo Contes.

It, is part of the TAT’s “Find Your Fabulous” wellness and medical tourism campaign.Thailand has a thriving health and wellness industry which TAT has previously announced would be one of its strategic niche markets.

The aim of the contest is to show off “the fabulous looks of women over 40, demonstrating that for many women, age is no impediment to looking fit, fab, and fantastic.” 

To enter, there are three steps:

1.Visit their facebook and click on “Like” button
2. Submit photo and information- cannot be violent, nude, partially nude, pornographic or sexually suggestive.  “Submissions should show the fresh face and figure, confidence, poise, and charisma that defines the modern, fabulous woman today in her 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond,”
3. Tell friends and family to vote on the photo!

Would you enter this sort of competition?  24 women have so far!The contest runs until September 30

The prize is worth over USD 30,000.  Contest winners get two “Find Your Fabulous” three day packages to refresh and revive themselves in Thailand: one for themselves and one for a friend.




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