Buy Attraction Tickets in Advance

Ever stood in line and watched people being shooed to the front of the line with their pre-paid tickets.

Always check the websites of attractions you want to visit to find out:

  1. How you buy tickets
  2. Where you buy tickets
  3. What you can buy in advance — you may have to pay a ticket fee of oen to two dollars per ticket but it is better than spending in line- especially if you have kids with you
  4. What deals are available- sometimes prepaid tickets are cheaper -note it does mean you are then locked into a particular time and day
  5. Whether timed entry tickets are available which allows you to avoid both ticket-buying line and admission line

Be careful that you are buying genuine tickets, however. From time to time, people will sell fake or expired tickets on e-bay and similar sites. This UK website gives tips on

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