Test your wardrobe pre trip

muumuuOn Sunday, I spied a visitor arriving in Canberra. Dressed in a white shirt and white trousers, he was only already showing signs of wear! Worse, it was a rather windy day in the capital so he was going to be battling dust and leaves all day.

Have you ever looked at a traveller and thought: “what did you pack that for?”

I am a very light traveller and almost never check bags in. I have to know my clothes combinations will work. I have a travel wardrobe set aside. I add to it from time to time to update it. I know the combinations of clothes work and when adding something new to it, I look for something that will work with the rest.

Likewise, for a special trip, I test the combinations of clothes I am planning to take. Wearing something round my city as practice shows me that it:
1) looks okay
2) will survive the rough and tumble of travel

At the same time, carry your bag for a day to everything and see how that feels. The old adage of laying out all of your clothes and then taking only half, applies. The aim is to be ruthless. If I know I will only wear something once or I may wear something but am not sure, I leave it out. I have had people grumble about carrying their suitcase from the hosue to the car for the ride to the airport. Dragging it up four flights of stairs because that cute Parisian B and B doesnt have a lift (elevator) will make them grumble harder!


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