Google Street Driver Arrested

Twenty residents blocked a Google camera-equipped car in Sa-eab village, 615km (385 miles) north of Bangkok last Thursday. The group a citizen’s arrest, taking the driver to a local office to interview him. They then took him to a Temple where they made him swear on a statue of Buddha that he was not working for a dam project

The villagers released the driver and later apologised to him and to Google.

Thailand was the world’s 35th country to have Google Street View available. Google Street View allows a user to explore locations around the world “through 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery.” This is a map of the countries where you will find Google Street View!




  1. Development is destroying communities around the world. Dams in Asia, frackimg in the US.

  2. That’s funny…..poor driver, though. I’ve seen the Google cars in a few big cities. I’m sure it would be a little unusual for residents when they see them going through a new neighborhood in a new country the first time.

  3. In this particular incident, the villegers were paranoid because there is now an ongoing bug controversy over the plan of the construction of this dam (being buit without proper conduct of EIA, necessity etc) …sometimes they can go outrageous against their opposition (they thought this google were the dam engineering team in disguise)

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