You Stink

I was on a completely full 10 hour flight on Sunday. Nearby to me was a passenger travelling with the worst body odour I have ever been in a confined space with!

On an informal test, I discovered their smell could be detected from five seats away. The woman sitting next to the passenger feigned sleep and covered her face with a blanket in an attempt to block him out.



I know Air Canada have de-planed a smelly passenger in the past. What would you do in this situation?

  1. Do/say nothing
  2. Silently offer deodorant and a new shirt
  3. Say something to the passenger involved
  4. Complain to staff


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  1. What I DID was (and mine wasn’t quite as bad as a 5-seater, but had bad breath as well)initially tried to ignore him (the girl on his other side ordered about 3 or 4 whiskies in fairly rapid succession)but eventually felt quite ill (also coincided with my only ever REALLY bad airline food)and asked the stewardess if I could sit up by toilet. She gave me water, then cup of tea, and let me sit in a staff seat until it was time to land. Whew!

  2. I would probably would have volunteered to wait for the next flight. Trust me when I say I could have the plane diverted to another city. I vomit if I smell anything gross. Maybe being puked on would make him smell better. Definitely wouldn’t be able to be in smell range.

  3. I always thought I would ask a FA to move me elsewhere, but when it happened (and it was atrocious) I felt bad for the smelly person and ended up doing nothing… unfortunately it was a) international and b) coach (London to Boston). Tough to do it without hurting feelings.

  4. That’s a difficult situation. I’ve encountered a few smelly passengers over many years of travel. Some due to terrible body odor and others, equally as irritating, were those who doused themselves in cologne or perfume – enough to make me choke. It’s an invasion of personal space – just much more difficult to resolve than asking someone to stay on their own side of the armrest. If there were empty seats I moved, otherwise I said nothing and endured.

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