Lion cancels 787s

Last Monday, Indonesian budget airline Lion Air  cancelled its order for five Boeing 787s and ordered 737s in their stead.

The carrier said it needed widebody aircraft to accommodate more than the capacity of the 787-8 for domestic high demand routes and will place a new order for aircraft in 2015.

The dreamliners had been ordered in June 2012. They had been intended for Lion Air’s full service subsidiary Batik Air, launched in March 2013. The list price for the package was  $US 967.5 million.

Batik 787 K65681-01

Boeing image of a Batik 787

Batik provides a personal TV (in-flight entertainment system) at every seat, snacks and meal, plus more generous seat pitches of 32″ for Economy and 45″ for  business class and free baggage allowance. They currently fly 737-900s.

The Lion Air group hold the record for the largest Airbus oprder evere and the largest Boeing order ever.

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