Scoot crams 375 people into 787

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Singapore Airlines subsidiary Scoot two weeks ago announced  that their 787-9 will have a whopping 375 passengers aboard. This number of seats is a far cry from Boeing’s promise of roomy flights with passengers sitting 2-4-2.  Budget airline Jetstar has gone with 335 seats on their 787-8s and Norwegian has 291 seats on theirs.

The budget carrier will receive the first of their twenty 787s in November. The plane will replace their six Boeing 777-200s which were originally flown by Singapore Airlines. The plane will initially fly from Singapore to  Australia, Japan and Taiwan. The airline has orders for ten 787-8s and ten 787-9s. Eight or nine 787s will arrive in 2015. The rest of its 787 order is scheduled for 2016 and 2017.

On the 787-9, Scoot is planning to install 35 ScootBiz (effectively a Premium Economy) seats (configured 2-3-2) at the front.

Source: Scoot

Source: Scoot

The five rows consisting of 45 seats behind ScootBiz will be dedicated to the airline’s Scootin Silence section. The seats in this zone are for passengers over 12 years of age. The seats on the 777s have a more leg room and I assume this will be the same on the 787s. The extra roomy seats will have a 35″ seat pitch.

The rest of the plane will be taken up with 295 seats (also configured 3-3-3) in a regular economy cabin. Most of the seats will be a slimline style with a 31 inch pitch and  headrest.

Scoot also plans to roll out an option called MaxYourSpace which will allow passengers to buy an adjacent  seat, if its is empty. Air Asia offer the same service through their partnership with Optiontown.

The 787-8 will have 340 seats.

There will be AC power sockets and internet access at every seat. Scoot will offer tablets for rental with the option of downloading entertainment,.

In the introductory video from Scoot about their 787, the seats are dancing inside the plane. Not sure why, maybe they are trying to avoid DVT?


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