The world’s most crowded 380

When the 747 debuted over 40 years ago, the airlines promised luxurious lounges, roomy bar areas and elaborate staircases.

The oil crisis of the early 1970s woke airlines to a basic premise: those spaces cost revenue. The trend after that was to see how many extra rows of revenue generating seats could be crammed in!

The same thing seems to happening with the Boeing 787 and the Airbus 380.

Seat capacity of the 380 carriers is

Last year, Russia’s second largest airline, Transaero announced they would blowing these configurations by cramming 652 seats onto the double decker plane, more seats on one plane than any other commercial aircraft.

This week, the carrier announced that their four A380s will start flying in the third quarter of 2015. The jet will be operating on international routes and possibly it will also be performing flights to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, CEO of Transaero, Olga Pleshakova, announced.

The seating capacity has been slimmed down to 648: 12 seats in Imperial (First ) Class, 24 in business class and 612 in economy class. The Imperial cabin will be located on the lower deck and Business class on the upper. Economy class will be located behind the first class and the business class on both decks.
The 380 will fly from Moscow to Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Dubai and Barcelona in Spain.

Transaero Airlines launched its services in November 1991 as a charter airline with aircraft leased from Aeroflot., and currently serves more than 130 routes all over the world. They were voted most improved airline for 2013 by Skytrax.


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