MH 370 Full passenger List

Malaysia Airlines released the full passenger list. Nationality breakdown:

  1. Australians – 6
  2. Austrians – 1
  3. Canadians – 2
  4. Chinese – 152 plus 1 infant
  5. Dutch -1
  6. French – 4
  7. Indians – 5
  8. Indonesians – 7
  9. Italians -1
  10. Ukranians – 2
  11. USA -3 plus 1 infant
  12. Malaysians – 38
  13.  New Zealanders -2
  14.  Russian -1
  15. Taiwanese – 1 (I notice MH on one list placed the Taiwanese passengers separately to the Chinese and then placed them together on another list)

Update: Malaysia’s civil aviation chief, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, told a press conference this afternoon in Kuala Lumpur that five passengers booked on the flight did not board and their luggage was removed.

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  1. Because Taiwan is not recognized by the the United Nations as an independent country. It is part of China. Any foreign relation issues and international diplomatic issues has to be raised to Beijing NOT Taipei.

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