MH370 Final Words Changed

A transcript released by the Malaysian authorities reveals the final words heard from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as:  “Good night Malaysian three seven zero” and not “All right, good night” as announced two weeks ago. The authorities also stated that they are unsure if it was pilot or copilot who last spoke. Previously it had been suggested that the co-pilot uttered the plane’s last words.

CNN citing the
Wall Street Journal announced that the Malaysian Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has indicated that the case of the missing plane is a criminal investigation. Authorities have reportedly already recorded more than 170 statements and will interview more people.

It was also suggested today that we may never know what happened to MH370.

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  1. It appear overall the Malaysian authorities are more worried about saving face than carrying out a competent investigation.

  2. ‘Good night Malaysian 370’ means absolutely nothing. If this was said when the plane departed at noon, and it wasn’t a MH flight, then it would definitely be troublesome. But that’s not the case now is it?

    Simply put, there is no story here, but the US news media (which is ran by bachelors with communication degrees from third tier schools) ran out of things to make up a story on, so now they come to the meaningless ‘last words’.

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