Tips for not spoiling places for others

I suggested last week that it is bad luck to ruin a place for fellow tourists. Here are some tips for avoiding spoiling places you visit. Please share widely and add yours:

  1. Build greener travel into your program
  2. Follow rules in ancient sites, cities or sacred spaces. The time to assert your freedom from rules is at a nudist beach not at a 500 year old site like Machu Pichu
  3. Do not collect or take away biological or geological specimens or man-made artifacts as a souvenir, including rocks, bones, eggs, fossils, and parts or contents of buildings
  4. Do not deface or vandalise buildings, monuments or statues whether abandoned, occupied or empty
  5. Don’t paint, graffiti or carve your name, initials, phone number, email address or place locked padlocks, on anything living or dead unless if is yours or you have specific permission. Instead of graffiti-ing  it, how about tattooing your initials onto a picture of that feature on your body? grafiiti great wall
  6. Do not approach, handle, feed or touch birds or animals or do anything that would cause a change in their usual behaviours unless advised by qualified custodian. A “selfie” with an animal behind you or a picture of you cuddling a Koala at an animal sanctuary are alternatives.



  7. Respect smoking restrictions and take great care to safeguard against the danger of fire
  8. Do not dispose of trash on land or in the water or by burning. Carry your trash with you until a proper bin is available to you.
  9. Don’t leave  or elaborate, large or polluting memorials
  10. Finally, if you can’t or won’t do these, consider not travelling- seriously


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