Inappropriate Words?

The tourists stood gazing at the Bagan, Myanmar sunset. The ball of fiery orange turned more and more red as it slid down the sky. The colours reflected on the stone and wood temples and pagodas that spread across the plains. The gold on the roofs sparkled in the light. Faintly a star started to emerge.

The hairs on the backs of the watchers tingled at the sensations: colour, noise and smells of this ancient, magical, holy place.

All were entranced. Well almost all. The young Australian tourist turned to her companion and loudly screeched so all could hear it: “God,I could f++king kill for some KFC right now”.

Its times like these, I want to take my Australian passport and hide it and declare Icelandic citizenship!

How many times have you heard tourists ask the most embarrassing questions, make inappropriate statements or talk about the most trivial matters at the worst times?

(and no KFC has not made it to Myanmar)

My review on Beautiful Bagan comes tomorrow.

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  1. Comforting to know, in a ‘wish people weren’t this moronic but they are’ kind of way, that it’s not just people from my country, USA, that make inappropriate comments in other countries and display their crass consumerism.

  2. @Guest,
    I couldn’t agree more. As an American having lived and traveled to many many a country, I’ve always found Aussies, Brits, Canadians, Kiwis to be far more respectful and far less crass as you say than us good ‘ol ‘mericans. Actually, every time I see us I kind of walk the other way or feel the pressure to be visibly extra nice, considerate and well behaved just to try and make up for some of the awesomely American antics I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing.

  3. Not many from the US in Burma! I went in 2006 and met MANY from Italy and the Netherlands and other European countries but only one other couple from the US.

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